Friday, 7 June 2013


I'm loving my course.
I'd be loving it even more if I had time to flipping focus on it!
I did proper work that someone will pay me for till 12.15am last night...then thought I'd just do a spot of mushroom faffing before I went to bed. Had to force myself to stop at 1.30am. And I had to have a sneaky nap this evening when no-one was looking.
But loads of other people  taking the course have already uploaded their finished designs. While I'm still faffing. So no pressure there! It'll be fine, I'm sure. I'll lock the kids in a cupboard for the weekend and crack on!

Anyway I'm loving the Lilla Rogers' philosophy. In the normal world, where I work, clients are generally scared to do anything too new. They play it safe. Can we just have pink and blue please? And can that bunny be smiling? Please?
In LillaLand you do what you love  and "people buy your joy". Simples! And it works!
I want to move to LillaLand.

Here are some early rejects on my mushroom and casserole project.... still faffing with my finished design...looks nothing like this now...I'll put it on....tomorrow...or Sunday...when it's done...sometime...soon.


  1. Lushious....if that's a reject then I can't wait to see the finished one!

  2. Are you up yet?? Exactly if this is the reject can't wait to see the real one!! In Lilla's world everyone is a winner! I moved there yesterday!!