Sunday, 23 June 2013

snail week...the end

The trouble with this course is that even when you've finished the assignment and uploaded it and closed down your computer and walked away and fed the kids who forgot you existed and're still obsessed with it. 
I drew so many snails at the start of the week that I just couldn't step away from the damned things. This was my fave. Not grumpy enough in the end though so he didn't get the starring role.
Anyways that's my final snail from snail week. A whole new week starts tomorrow....


  1. I know, Matt has just said "OMG, are you still doing those **** snails!" I really like him as well (your new snail, not Matt :-)) , you've got time to do another, ha ha!!

  2. Nice Snail - I like his vacant expression whilst he's still "snailey". Looking forward to seeing what other goodies you get to do.

  3. "S" is for super-duper snail!'s just fun to say.