Thursday, 13 June 2013


The dog is driving me mad!
When we had 10 minutes of warm weather last week I was working with the patio doors open. Minnie the dog kept bringing me her ball. I would chuck it out of the door. Into the garden. She would bring it back. I would chuck it out of the door. She would bring it back. (Repeat several hundred times till you're as bored of it as I was)
But mostly the chucking didn't just mean throwing it meant standing up, walking over to the doors and actually throwing it down the garden at the correct angle so that it didn't go over a fence or through the potting shed window. Or into the wild bit where it would never be found. (Now there's a plan!)
And mostly the bringing back bit involved Minnie the dog putting the ball somewhere then running outside and staring at me with that look on her face. Then me having to get up and work out where she'd left the damned thing. Then crawling under the table to fish it out...
So this week it's back to usual freezing British weather and I really don't want to leave the doors open so that Minnie the dog can play fetch. But she's nudging the ball at me. And giving me that look. All. The. Flipping. Time.
Does she not realise I'm busy? I have work to do. And flowers to draw. Flowers and seed pods actually. That's this week's subject matter on my fab MATS course. And I want to just get on with it ta!


  1. I get that, always happy when our puppy is alsleep, she's on my lap at the moment as she has had enough of being alone, trying to chew all my pens!! x

  2. My sister's dog does exactly the same when he comes to stay, really cute for about the first 10 minutes!! You need to get rabbits, they don't play ball... just chew through anything electrical instead! :-)

  3. My 130 pound puppy brings me his rope when I am trying to draw. It's hard to draw while swinging a giant rope around in the other hand. I make the hubby run him around the neighbor until he's exhausted.