Tuesday, 4 June 2013

multi tasking

As if I didn't have enough to fit in I'm now back at school...the MATS school.
I've spent the last 2 days drawing mushrooms and pyrex dishes ... in between doing all the things I'm meant to be doing....like working and feeding the kids and hanging the washing out and picking up socks and registering online for ParentPay cos I haven't got round to it yet even though I've had the form for 2 weeks...Usual stuff.
Anyway I did some real life proper drawing with some vintage art gear I found in a box that's been hiding under my desk for the last 10 years. Sharpened my charcoal pencil with a scalpel - all art student styleee and everything!
Then I did some computer drawing cos that's pretty much all I can do these days.
Tomorrow we learn what we have to do with our mushrooms and pyrex. Apart from make soup. Which I did last night. 


  1. Love these drawings Dawn. Similarly I've been illustrating recipes lately. Ill show ya soon x

  2. They look even better on your blog! x

  3. wow dawn these are amazing! so gorgeous, i could see these in paperchase ;-) x

  4. These are lovely Dawn. I honestly dont know how you fit it all in ! Enjoy every minute of the course x

  5. Real life proper drawing, with vintage art gear, I LIKE it!! Looking good,enjoying watching your progress and the multi tasking, well, that's something else :) I keep saying at home, I don't know how I got this job...making tea....doing washing....cleaning etc, how come we fall into these roles?