Sunday, 30 June 2013

week 4 in LillaLand

All I've wanted to do all week is to make a work of art.
Not much to ask.
Just a bit of time to make a mess and splat some paint about.
But I have had a million obligations to fill instead. This week I was Mrs Obligated.
Itching to paint all week but having to do other stuff.
Anyway I won't bore you with the know the ending...I stayed up till stupid o'clock every night and got that art thing done.
In fact I created 2 works of art. And a couple of started-but-not-finished-yet works of art too. I was Mrs Artist by the end of the week.

So anyway... we had to create a piece of wall art. We were given colours based on our star signs (sooo arty dahling). Mine were blue and yellow. Like Ikea. Or Tampax regular. It had to be square. It had to have at least one flower and at least one word. And preferably some paint and some collage.
So I started off with a 10 inch canvas and did all this neat stuff. Went to bed. Realised it was crap. Painted over it and got messy. 
Made this...
Then I decided that as I had so much time on my hands to be all arty I might as well go buy a 24 inch canvas. Didn't want to get bored after midnight did I?
So this one is a 24 incher....

Here are some close-ups...cos 24 inches is BIG... note the little one's spelling practice on the second one. (When I sell it for ten thousand quid will I have to pay him commission for that bit?)

Anyway enough of all the artiness. Got a christening to attend now...all day...a glass of wine or too is called for...


  1. very nice Dawn as always....looks like you had loads of fun even if it was the middle of the night. x

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! congrats on the review pic!!
    "Mine were blue and yellow. Like Ikea. Or Tampax regular." - aaaaaahhhhh, witty girl!!