Saturday, 8 June 2013

night school

Ok...after many late nights of working-after-working I'm bored of faffing now. I can let the kids out of the cupboard. I've uploaded it... here's my finished design for week 1 of my LillaLand course...
This is where I was at yesterday. Before I tweaked it some more...
Similar. But not the same.
Next week is HOME DECOR. Should have more daylight hours to spend on it 'cos my diary isn't so rammed next week.


  1. Boom! smashed it! :-) looks bloody AMAZING! u must be very proud and excited Dawny, I have a feeling great things are coming your way! :-P xxx

  2. Aw Genine, how lovely you are! But you should see the others!! There are some proper brill people on that course!!

  3. Worth staying up late it looks fab! x

  4. I like both versions and they do look fab! like the dark background and the gills of the shrooms, and love the zingy colours on the latest one. :) You can have a lie down tomorrow!

  5. Nice shrooms pet! Loving the pyrex too X

  6. I was so excited when I saw your design in Lilla's review!! WooHoo - you are crushing it!!