Tuesday, 18 June 2013

snail trail

So...week 3 in LillaLand.
Our task this week is to draw snails.
I've drawn a lot of snails in my time. And sewed a lot of snails. 
But I have to say they all look a-little-bit-ever-so slightly-the-same as each other! A bit different. But basically the same.
Seems like I have a repetitive streak when it comes to snails.
I drew a load last night.
Same snail!
The course is all about trying new things. Little changes. Not big changes. Just little ones.
So tonight I did a bit of collage.
And made it into this...
And then because the big one is on a school trip in France and I'm missing her loads I did this...

So....now I've done a different snail I will probably go back to the same-old-same-old snail tomorrow when we get the brief.
But at least I tried....