Friday, 31 December 2010

last post of the year

Off out tonight, and I'm NOT driving woohoo!
Have a good one everyone, see you next year!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

new obsession

I can't stop doing the sketchbook! I've got really into it (at last)
I even watched The Little Polar Bear with the kids today with my MacBook on my knee!!
Here's pg 14-15.....
Better get the damned thing finished before everyone goes back to work next week ......

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

driving AGAIN

Today we will be mostly very entertaining at Paddy and Cath's house.
But as Paddy and Cath live so far away one of us is gonna have to drive.....the little people are too little and I have never known Neil drive instead of drink in the whole 12 years we have been I guess that's me driving again :-(

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

YES sketchbook

I decided:
I've got to do it... I can do it... and I will do it!
2 weeks to fill the sketchbook?
No problem!
I'll just do it on the computer instead of by hand as planned.
Anyway the hand thing wasn't working out too well. After years of using a computer I have forgotten how to use a pen!
It was getting on my nerves that once you draw something with a pen on paper, that's it, done! And colouring in is such a chore!
So, here I am on my 4th double spread already....only about 28 to go....

Monday, 27 December 2010

triple booked

So today we have to dash straight from pony club to Neil's brothers' where we will be very entertaining for a couple of hours... then drop Neil at the pub for his mates' birthday and dash to my mum and dads' to be very entertaining yet again...

Sunday, 26 December 2010

no sketchbook....

Had a fabbo Christmas!
Very busy right up to Santa's visit and yesterday was just lovely.
But now I find myself in an unusual situation ... the kids are in bed and I don't actually have to do any work!
I can just pick up all the toys and then sit in front of the telly like normal people if I want!!
...Which just made me remember that I signed up for the sketchbook project.......
I was dead giddy when I got my sketchbook, I had the theme "it's raining dogs and cats" and I had all these fab ideas about what I was gonna do. After all, sketchbooks are my absolute favourites, they're my thing!
Then I got really really busy with work and just didn't have the time - or the energy after midnight - to actually do it.
Well, it has to be posted in like 2 weeks and I've only done 2 pages....I'm just thinking it's not gonna there any point in me busting a gut now I actually have a week of sitting about that I could be doing???

Monday, 20 December 2010

shop till you drop with minimum fuss, off I went into Leeds today and did my Christmas shopping. No need to ask everyone what they wanted in October, no need to witter on and panic about "only 67 shopping days till Christmas"
Then I went to Tesco and spent a small fortune on not very much food.
So that's it, no more shopping before Christmas....oh apart from the mother-in-laws' M&S food order I have to collect on Thursday of course....and maybe the odd extra I need to pick up....omg! only 4 shopping days till Christmas!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

it's a mystery to me!

Great night last night....but not down to the murder mystery aspect of the event which went completely over my head!
The actors were getting all giddy about a chain of 'murders' ...but come on people, who cares about a pretend death by sausage roll when there's food to be eaten and wine to be drunk? I just don't get it!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

and another week...

Been so busy this week I didn't even have time to read blogs never mind write the damned thing! last....I've finished my work and can concentrate on Christmas... yay!

Got a big bash to attend tonight..was really looking forward to it, new frock and everything....then I found out it's a murder mystery! Surely only old people and sad people with nothing better to do go to murder mysteries??? :-(
I'll let you know tomorrow.....

Saturday, 11 December 2010

my week....

A week crammed so full I haven't even had time to blog!
It consisted of:
A work's Christmas bash (fab), a trip to see Hairspray at the Bradford Alhambra (brill), Jodie's pony Club party (dull), My sister's Christmas family do - she's away for Chrimbo (very lovely), work (hectic) an overnight trip to Titanic Spa in Huddersfield organised by my sis as a birthday treat (bloody fantastic), a poorly child (better now after 2 days watching Hannah flipping Montana) a school nativity (cute) and a school fair (bloody awful as usual but wouldn't miss it)...finished off with trimming the tree....
Now got a first birthday party to attend followed by a Christmas meal tomorrow, with Neil's work mates & their families, and a pile of work to do.
I'm knackered!
My New Years Resolution is gonna be "Learn to say no sometimes dear"

Friday, 3 December 2010

party time

Spent all day picking up stuff the kids dropped around the house then entertained them with a good old game of Monopoly! Ooh we know how to have a good time!
Got rid of them now and I'm going out on a Christmas Party that one of my customers kindly invited me it ok to wear Uggs with my party frock?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

ok, enough snow thanks

Ok, the novelty has worn off, I HAVE WORK TO DO!!!
Kids have been off since Tuesday and I've already had the text telling me one of the schools is shut no doubt the other will be :(
Started off ok, had a lovely walk to the garden centre to buy sledges on Tuesday.
Went sledging most of Wednesday.
Very lovely.
But by today the pile of work was too large to ignore and there's only so much you can do after bedtime... So I handed the kids over to Neil who took them to Roundhay Park while I crammed 6 hours work into 3 hours.
Just want to get back to normal now please....