Monday, 30 April 2012

duvet day

Yesterday we planned to go to Harewood House. But it was RAIN as far as the iPhone could see. Horizontal rain. And cold. And very windy. We're not normally put off by a bit of rain. But we were yesterday. We got a DVD, struck up the wood burner and had a duvet day...

Saturday, 28 April 2012

whistle and stitch

The lovely Sarah Alcock has started a blog. She's the very kind person who sent me a fab angel out of the blue when my Christmas tree was lacking in the topping department.
I now have the little angel hanging on my door handle 'cos the poor thing didn't want to be shoved in the loft for 11.5 months of the year.
(That bit at the bottom that looks like a leg is just the door handle....she's not a one-legged angel. She's a no-legged angel actually. Angels don't need legs. They fly.)

Anyway the blog....go over and have a look, it's called Whistle and Stitch and it's here. Go now. Be a pioneer follower. Like me.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

posting woman from hell update

For those of you wondering whatever happened to the PostingWomanFromHell....I can give you a much awaited update.
I went to post a parcel tonight on the way home from school (busiest time of day for our one-man post office) and there she was. In front of me. Again.
I looked at the Post Office Bloke and snarled. He looked back at me and smirked. He knows how annoying she is. They have asked her not to come in at their busiest time with a million parcels. She doesn't care. 
Tonight she ONLY had 12 parcels instead of the usual 58. So (clearly in an effort to spend more time at the counter and annoy the queue) she started asking him about the Royal Mail price hike this weekend and the difference between a large letter and a small parcel and the cost of sending a small parcel to the States and why the same thing could be classed as a large letter in the UK.....
By this point I wanted to kill her.
She then asked to buy 2000 stamps. He wouldn't let her. She persuaded him to part with 600 instead.
She is going to put the postage prices up on her Ebay shop - even though she has a zillion cheap stamps - and make a huge profit. She has already bought £5000 worth of stamps! Her plan is to put them on the large letters and small parcels... then the poor bloke in the P.O. will have to weigh them and work out that she owes like 17p more... then do all the computer thingy stuff... then start again with the next large letter or small parcel. The queues are gonna be a mile long. I will have to find another Post Office.
Or dob her in her to the tax man. 'Cos my guess is she's not paying tax on all this stamp profiteering.... 
BUT worse than all that... I have to tell you....she was still wearing the rain...with socks!!! Crocs with socks! Call the fashion police! Now!!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Yay! My stickers arrived today. Super early! Nice one Moo!
I have the extra book to give away. 90...thats nine-zero! stickers to send to a lucky blog reader! My generosity knows no bounds. 
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment below....or here if you like as some peeps have already got a bit giddy and jumped the gun.
I'll get the little man to pick a name out of the hat a week today - Weds 2 May.
Good luck people!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Football Widow

I have to say I find football incredibly dull. When I first got together with the other half I pretended to be interested. Like you do. Even went to a few games with him. They were ok. But really I find it completely boring. I don't mind watching England play. If it's the World Cup. But otherwise I don't see the attraction. I've tried to show an interest.... But Chelsea v Barcelona? Seriously. Who cares! Just praying it doesn't go to penalties...   

Sunday, 22 April 2012

heavy flag

Today it was the St. George's Day parade for all the Scouty types in the area. Alf, being TOP BEAVER, got to carry the Beaver flag. They all had to walk from the fire station to the church. About 200m. 
Alf on the other hand must have been made to walk up Everest and back with the amount of moaning and groaning he did when he got back. The flag was apparently really heavy. No, really! AND he had to hold it for the whole service which was at least 4 hours. AND it was chucking it down when they walked back.
He's gone to bed exhausted tonight. Poor Alf.

Friday, 20 April 2012

ice-cream? don't mind if I do!

So there's no food in our house. I haven't been shopping. The cupboards are bare. The fridge is empty.
Then I remembered! I bought a large tub of Haagen-Dazs Pralines & Cream last week for the kids. Just found it in the freezer.....troffed the lot! Don't tell the kids...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I ordered some new stickers tonight from I mostly use them to stick the kids sarnie bags together on their packed lunches. But they are most useful for all manner of applications.
Anyway, being the super kind and extra generous person I am I ordered an extra book. Just so I can give 'em away. To a lucky blog reader.
I know! So thoughtful!
Watch this space....eta 30 April...

Monday, 16 April 2012

nine to five

Today an amazing thing happened....I worked 8 hours! In a row! All together! No stopping!
The other half picked the kids up from school and took them to visit his Mum. So I didn't have to stop at 3.15 like I normally do. 
This meant I finished the work I had to do for a meeting tomorrow. Finished! Already! No late night panic!
This is indeed amazing!

Friday, 13 April 2012

this week..

This week I have mostly been juggling. Kids and work. A lot of work. Mostly done late at night. But also quite a bit in daylight hours thanks to my fab Mum and Dad who've had to put up with our two kids and my sister's three for several long hours. (Well....they wanted grandchildren!)
We haven't palmed them off ALL the time though. Done some fun stuff with them ourselves too.
Like on Monday me and the other half took them to Bolton Abbey and they had much fun watching some showy-off bloke fall off the stepping stones into the river! The very cold river. In the rain. Ha ha, poor bloke pretended he wasn't-even-bothered-anyway and just walked the rest of the way. With water up to his chest and everything. Ha!

And today me and my sis and six kids and two dogs went to the park and played in the stream and ate ice cream.
And tomorrow me and my sis will be taking five kids and no dogs to Ilkley. On public transport! How much excitement can these kids take? They'll be gutted on Monday when they have to go back to school!

...Oh AND AND AND I got another TWO Liebster awards!!
One from Ilona at I Drew This and the other from Jayne at Jayne Schofield.
Thank you both so much  :-)
I actually feel like these two are my real friends ...when really in real life we have never actually met or anything! They are just my Bloggy Buddies! Cheers...I will pass the awards on....promise...honest...sometime soon...I'm on

Friday, 6 April 2012

happy easter

Happy Easter Peeps!
Got so much work to do but it's school hols so time is short. I planned to do a couple of hours tonight....but you know what? I can't be bothered starting now. It's Easter... everyone's off... no-one will notice if I have the night off...unless they're reading this of and the little people are gonna make rice krispy buns instead...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

snow way!

Good old British weather! A week ago it was 20 degrees and I was driving round with my roof down. Tonight it is snowing
Sod off snow. We were enjoying the sunshine ta!

Monday, 2 April 2012


I love swimming. Really. I do. When I win the lottery a house with a swimming pool will be top of my list. I will swim every morning. On my own. With a waterproof iPod.
However, I hate swimming in mucky public swimming pools filled with cold water and other people's over-excited splashy kids. Can't stand it. Do my very best to avoid it. Could put it off no longer today. The little people nagged me senseless to take them to Calypso Cove in Barnsley. 
It was full of cold water, fat men with tattoos and splashy kids. But the little people loved it. So that's all that matters.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

spotted in Primarni....

Saw a few of my designs in Primark last week....this one's my fave....
Here's my design...
*copyright belongs to PRIMARK*