Monday, 22 February 2021

roadmap out of lockdown

Bozza announced the plans to lift lockdown today.

It's long winded.

But it involves the Youngest going back to college on March 8th. So I'll be making the most of the lie ins for the next 2 weeks... before I'm back under control of the dreaded alarm clock going off at stupid o'clock in order for me to spend 20 minutes nagging and dragging him out of bed.

It was good while it lasted.

And it'll be good to get back to some semblance of normality...


Lizzie'sFurryWheelOfFortune continues...

Along with a day off to #drawtheoceans for Greenpeace...

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

lockdown life continues...

It's half term. But you wouldn't know it really. We just don't have to set the alarm for 8.45am anymore to kick the Youngest out of bed for his college zoom call. So we get up late. And stay up late.
The OtherHalf still isn't allowed to work so he's mainly out on his bike. Or annoying me by watching the Lord Of The Rings on full volume. I HATE Lord Of The Bloody Rings.
I sit at my desk till about 4pm then go for a walk...then do my yoga class...then cook.
Every. Single. Day.
I basically wear the same clothes every day too cos I don't see anyone. Ever.
It was Valentine's Day on Sunday and Pancake Day yesterday. Both passed without incident.
I've been keeping up with Lizzie's FurryWheelOfFortune.
And that's it.
Life in the fast lane.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

lizzie's spinning wheel of furry fortune

Feeling at a loss for something to draw, Lizzie invented a #furrywheeloffortune 

I decided to join in. Her last idea of a similar nature was the advent calendar in 2012 which took off all around the world and now no-one even remembers it was her who started it.

So let it be noted, she started the wheel of furry fortune too. In February 2021.

Yesterday was is polar bear....

Friday, 12 February 2021

year of the ox

Happy Chinese New Year 2021...

Thursday, 11 February 2021

poodle doodle

I drew a poodle last night. For Lizzie.

This poodle looks pretty innocent but don't be fooled. It lives in Lizzie's village. And it's a cat killer.

Shocking, I know.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

not pancake day

There was such a vast array of pancake shizz in M&S Simply Food on Friday that I assumed it must be Pancake Day today.

It's not.

It's next week.

But as pancakes are TheYoungest's staple diet he's gonna have them tonight anyway. With Percy Pig sauce for the win.

Monday, 8 February 2021

lockdown lie-ins

There is one thing about lockdown that is better than real life:

Not having to set the alarm for stupid o'clock every morning.

I bloody hate getting up in the dark so the lockdown lie ins have been a bobby bonus. I vote to keep them when this shit is all over.

weekend report


Went for a hot date with the OtherHalf. This involved buying lunch at the Costa drive thru and eating it in the carpark.

The epitome of romance.

Then we had a power cut from 3 till 9.30pm. Apparently there was a fire down the manhole at the end of our street.

So we lit the log burner and a load of candles and ate our takeaway curry by candlelight.

We may have peaked too early in the romance stakes this year. But...better to peak too early than not at all.


Dog walk. For a change. Same dog, different walk.

Followed by a treat to end all Mum and Dad made us a roast lamb dinner!

We had to go collect it and eat it at home of course. Intermingling is still banned. But it was absolutely bloody lovely! The best meal of the year so far!

Friday, 5 February 2021

bin day

There was cause for great celebration up our street this morning.... the bin men came!

They were due on Tuesday but it snowed. I suspect they were unable to reach us due to the massive piles of snow that the neighbours had shovelled.

The bins have been hanging around ever since. Just waiting.

Well, they can be wheeled back in now chaps!

Tune in tomorrow for another thrilling instalment of #lockdownlife

Thursday, 4 February 2021

bored of cooking

I realise this is an insignificant issue in the grand scheme of things. But I am absolutely sick and tired of cooking. And deciding what to cook. And buying the stuff to cook. And cleaning up afterwards.

So we had takeaway jambalaya last night.

Because. I. Just. Could. Not. Be. Arsed.

granny glasses

Anyway on Tuesday afternoon I braved the massive pile of snow at the end of my drive and went to collect my new GrannyGlasses.

I love them.

The OtherHalf says he hates them.

But I wore them all night and he didn't even bloody notice, so what does he know.

shovel that snow boys

It snowed quite a bit on Tuesday. 

Sadly AlbertFromNextDoor is no longer with us. But his spirit lives on in DavidFromNextDoorButOne and JimFromNextDoorTheOtherWay who both leapt out with their shovels at 8am.

Even though the forecast said it would rain by lunchtime.

Honestly, they never go anywhere, even when it's not a bloody lockdown. What. Is. The. Point.


Monday, 1 February 2021

january 21

Yay, it's February. A bit lighter on a night. Valentines. Pancakes. And one step closer to Spring.

It doesn't seem much closer to the end of Lockdown3 though. They're keeping any information about that strictly to themselves. It's never bloody ending.

Anyway I mashed some January bits together. Only got as far as L cos I didn't appear to draw anything beginning with M N or O... So I made half an alphabet. Blame lockdown.

fave walk

I drew our favourite lockdown walk for They Draw & Travel's "Where We Walk" thingy. It's mostly my favourite walk because it involves ice cream. It would be even more of a favourite if it involved stopping at the pub, having a nice Sunday roast and a few pints followed by a taxi home. But sadly the pub is closed at the mo.

Anyway, we didn't go on this walk yesterday because we're now sick to the back teeth of the bloody thing. We went on a different walk in different woods. Without ice cream.