Friday, 28 February 2014

february 2014

Well that was a short month! Only 28 days. March tomorrow...that's practically Spring! Woohoo!
Here's February on my blog...

Thursday, 27 February 2014

so... sew

I used to sew most of my designs. I liked sewing. Most of them were sold as appliques on kids clothes anyway so it made sense. Then at the end of 2012 my agent went bust. I lost loads of money. And my steady income. I stopped sewing. I haven't really sewn much since. 
I've mostly been doing work that I email to people anyway so sewing's no good 'cos you can't email fabric. But I haven't really felt much like it since. It brings back terrible memories of wondering how the hell I was gonna pay the bills and those horrible months when I thought everything I did was crap.
But today the sun was shining in my office. That's where my sewing machine lives. I decided it was time I got over the big trauma. Time to move on. I sewed a design! To take to Surtex. Woo! Another one on the pile people!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

half term

It's half term this week. A week later than the rest of the country for some reason. 
I haven't seen much of the kids so far. The big one stays in her room all day. She only comes down every couple of hours to open the fridge, stare inside and then shut it again. 
And the little one has so far been to 2 parties and on a day out with his friend from school. He's off to another friend's to play tomorrow then straight to Cub Camp till Friday. That kid's life is one big party!
The big one and I will use his absence to go shopping in peace. She needs a new school skirt. There's only one flipping shop we can buy it from and it's miles away. But she might be expelled if she carries on wearing the current one. It is VERY short. She likes it like that. She's gonna be gutted when she has to wear the frumpy new knee length one next week.
Did I mention it's brown? And polyester? Poor kid!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

don't panic!

I am in a constant state of panic these days. When I'm doing proper work that I get paid for I'm panicking that I'm not gonna have any work to show at Surtex. And when I'm working on stuff for Surtex I'm panicking that I'm not doing proper work and I have like a zillion bills that need paying every month.
What I really need is a rich benefactor to come along and support me for the next 3 months. Anyone know of one?

Friday, 14 February 2014

lots of love

Happy Valentines Day people.
Hope you got lots of cards and flowers and chocolate and pink fizz.
And if not I hope the smug people who did aren't annoying you too much.

This is what me and the little one say to each other. The big one used to say it too....but she's too big now. She just grunts.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

valentines card in M&S

Not bought your Valentines card yet?
Need an extra one just in case?
Well run as fast as you can to Marks and Sparks and purchase this happy little number.
It's not too late.
And it's only a quid!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


The charity I help to run, Reuben and Friends, is ten years old this year. We had one of our meetings last night. As usual I doodled all over the agenda sheet.
This is a bit of last night's doodle...

Sunday, 9 February 2014

on a mission

Well we had a very productive Dotty Wren meeting at Wendy's on Thursday. It took us till 3.30am but we managed to get on top of things and totally sort everything out for Surtex.
Ha! Not really!
We managed to discuss a few points then stayed up till 3.30am drinking cocktails and talking nonsense.
But we're totally motivated now.
Cooking on gas.
Ready to rock n roll.
And other naff sayings.
You might not see me round these parts very much for a while. Someone kindly pointed out it's less than 100 days to Surtex. Like those annoying people who count down to Christmas. 
So it's time to get my arse into gear and do some work! A lot of work. 
If only I didn't have to do proper stuff that actually pays the mortgage I might be ok.... 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

trip to the bird house

I'm going on a trip meet up with the other Dotty Wrens. We're going for an overnight mini break at Wendy's lovely house in Stafford. We will eat the delish grub she's cooked for us and drink mojitos. And maybe a couple of bottles of wine. If we get round to it we'll come up with some Surtex plans. If not we'll just have to have another mini break later in the year... after all Surtex is ages away.
Isn't it?