Saturday, 15 August 2015

hola & adios

That's it folks. I'm done. If you want any work doing see me in September. I'm off to sunny Spain to sit on my bum and do nothing. Via a day at the races tomorrow ...with an overnight stay. Cos I know how to make my packing really stressful.
Adios. See you in September x

Monday, 10 August 2015

my new studio

So when we bought this house in 2003 it had a construction at the back that the estate agent's bumf called "a garden room"
That was bigging it's part up somewhat. The previous owners, Betty and Geoff, had built it themselves using random bricks, stone and sheets of glass that they'd found somewhere. Or stolen. It had a {deliberate} hole in the wall at one side to let the cats wander in and out. I don't think they realised it would also let in mice and slugs and a million insects. They were a bit mad.
Inside the unplastered bricks and stone were painted gloss yellow. Cos they obviously got a good deal on gloss yellow paint 20 years ago and used it all over the house. It had a nasty lino floor and cat hair. A LOT of cat hair. 
Anyway I cleared it out, painted it white, had a desk and shelves built and used it to work in for a few years. Till the roof started leaking. All over my stuff.
Albert from next door patched it up and I still kept my stuff in there. But I stopped working in it. And I always had to move everything out of the way if it rained. Which happens a lot in Yorkshire. 
Gradually it became a bit of a dumping ground for all manner of crap that I shoved out of sight whenever anyone came round.

I asked my handy friend Stuart if it could be patched up. He looked at me like I was some sort of idiot and said the bloody thing needed knocking down and rebuilding.

So that's what he did.

This is how it looked the day before he came to knock it down... 

I shifted everything out, filled 3 wheelie bins and dumped the rest in every room of the house.
Then it looked even worse...

It had a concrete floor so there was nowhere for all the water to go. Underneath all the clutter it was smelly and damp. I had to throw loads of stuff out. Which was handy cos there was like 12 years worth of crap in there!

This was the roof...

And the outside before Stuart knocked it down...

Then in June and July this happened...

 (Here is SuperStuart hard at work)
And this happened....

And finally...THIS!!!

I put all my stuff back in last weekend. All tidy and hidden away in shiny white cupboards.
I'm SOOOOO pleased with it. I just lock myself in there now and don't come out much. 

I'll take pics of how it looks now it's finished another time cos I'm off to bed...but for now feast your eyes on my little shelf....

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

july 15

So. That was July.
I's practically September.
What can I say? I'm busy ok.
But I do have a brand new shiny white office. I'm so excited :) I'll show you photos. When I get a minute...
(that's not meant to be one of those annoying teases, I just haven't got time to faff about sending photos from my phone to my computer at the mo...)