Friday, 25 September 2015

specky four eyes

I've been wearing my spex all week. Not because I'm rocking geek chic and not because I have a dodgy eye infection. Nope, I've had to wear them. Because it turns out that if you don't go for your eyes checking they stop sending you your monthly supply of contact lenses. Apparently they're quite happy to carry on taking your direct debit payments but they worry you may go blind if you don't get your eyes checked so no siree to the regular delivery. 
Well I haven't been for the damned sight test because I haven't had a bloody minute in the last few months. I'm lucky if I manage to find time to have a wee at the moment!
Guess I'm gonna have to go now though....the appointment is booked. Next week...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

new jumper

I had to take the big one shopping last night. She needed a dress. For a party she's going to. Tomorrow night. We had already spent most of Saturday at the second rate shopping centre nearer home looking for something suitable. The second rate shopping centre was not good enough for the big one. We had to go into Leeds. Leeds has better shops.
As luck would have it she found the perfect LBD in the very first shop we visited. And RidiculouslyHighShoesForA15YearOld in the very second shop we entered.
This left us with enough time for me to mooch around Urban Outfitters and purchase the JumperOfTheSeason. This is the jumper I will wear every single day until the sun comes out again at the end of May. I've managed to pick a good one this year. I love love love it. Chunky and black with a big neck. And room underneath for loads more items of black clothing. What could be better! 

Friday, 11 September 2015

friday feelin

When I was under my palm tree I decided that from now on Fridays would be MyDayFriday. 
Friday would be the day I do my own work, no commissions, just stuff I want to do. And sorty out day. To sort out all the crap I never have time to sort out. And relaxy day. To just sit and do nothing if I fancy it. Cos I NEVER do that. Like ever.
I read all this Mindfulness bumf under my palm tree and that was it. New me. It was the future! 
And relax.

Of course I've decided to do MyDayFriday before. Loads of times. And it appears this time is no different....another massive fail!
Not only will I be working my arse off all day and night to meet deadlines, it's looking like I'll be working most of the weekend too.

So that's it.
From October I will NOT be working for anyone on a Friday. MyDayFriday starts 2 October. I've written it down. I have to do it now.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

rise and shine

The little one's new school has this policy where it is COMPULSORY in capital letters for all year 7's to go to something called "Rise and Read" in the middle of the night twice a week. If you don't turn up, or if you are late, you get "isolation" followed by expulsion followed by death-by-lethal-injection. Or something like that.
So because I can't have him wandering the streets in the middle of the night on his own I have to get up to deliver him safely to the door. Today was the first one. 
I can't believe how many cars there are on the roads at 7.15 am! I've been working from home for so long that I assumed the streets would be deserted at that time! It was flipping heaving!
Ha! Who knew?! 

Saturday, 5 September 2015


So you wake up one morning and it's Autumn.
And it stays Autumn for about 4 weeks. Then it's winter.
That doesn't happen in Spring.
You wake up one morning and it's Spring.
You wake up the next morning and it's back to winter.
Then Spring. Then winter.
And it doesn't happen in Summer.
You wake up one morning and it's summer.
Then that's it for another year.

This week is very Autumn.

I really need to get myself sorted with a second home in a warm country.
Cos one day of summer just isn't enough for me.

Friday, 4 September 2015

catching up....

I'm back from my hols and feel like I never went away. As soon as my flip-flops touched down on the cold, wet tarmac at Leeds Bradford airport the sunshine and relaxation were long forgotten. So was the plan I concocted whilst sitting under my palm tree - that I wouldn't take on so much work and that I'd factor in time to do my own stuff. Ha ha as if that's ever gonna happen! are a few catchy-uppy-things...

Before I went away I was interviewed TWICE! 
Like I have anything interesting to say once never mind twice.
If you fancy reading them the first one is on Sara Castro Monteiro's blog...she also interviewed lots of other lovelies including my chums Lizzie and Genine.
The other one is the fab new online magazine Design Crumbs. Page 19. But read the rest's great!

The ranges I put together for the fabulous Lilipinso are out this month. There's a range for girls and one for boys so no excuses folks, go buy yourself, and all the kids you know, some goodies to liven your walls up!

studio shots
Some pics of my filled up studio as promised...
Still love love loving it...and it's still dead tidy :)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

dotty wren calendar

My turn to do the calendar this month....get your free personal downloads on the Dotty Wren blog and I'll be back from a holiday near you soon x