Friday, 24 July 2015

british summer time

I don't understand those people who won't put the heating on in summer.  There are bloody loads of them about. People for whom it is against the law to heat their houses between May and October. I reckon I'm well and truly in the minority going by the rule that if it's cold you just crank the heating up. Even if it IS the end of July and you should, by rights, be wafting round in a bikini. We live in Britain and the weather is generally a bit crap. 
Anyway. It's been flipping freezing this week. The heating is ON.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

moving on up

I wasn't the only one with a busy week. The little one had a zillion school things going on this week. He had a PJ and chill day (teachers' skive day), a bowling trip, an oscars award night & prom and a leavers church service. Followed by a weekend at scout camp.
Poor little bugger is knackered, he fell asleep in the car today!

The school has been really fab with all the leavers things. They've done some ace stuff that the kids will always remember. My fave bit was after the prom. They all came into the playground with a helium balloon that they'd attached a message to and after a big countdown they let them all go. I sneaked a peak at the message he'd written. It said "I am really upset to be leaving primary school" Aw :( Many tears were shed!
He doesn't actually leave till Tuesday so plenty of time for more crying I reckon.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

super mum

My head is gonna explode this week with all the things I have to do/remember/organise/sort out/turn up to.
I have kids finishing early on different days, a sports day, non uniform days, bowling trip, leavers service at church, prom night and my last ever assembly - after going faithfully every week for the last 10 years dontchaknow!
There are also a zillion birthdays to remember and buy for and the little one to sort out for scout camp on Friday.
And on top of that I have sh*t loads of work on and my newly built studio needs painting before the electrician arrives on Saturday.
Like I have time to do that! What am I? SuperWoman?

Monday, 6 July 2015


Happy Monday people!
I'm very incredibly super mega busy this week. Ha like I'm ever anything else! Got loads of school stuff on though. The little one leaves primary school in 2 weeks so there are loads of leaver things I MUST attend at the old school and starter things I MUST attend at the new school. And I have a charity meeting I MUST attend. And a mid week evening spa thing that my sister's taking me on. I MUST attend that one!
And I'm totally booked up with work. Till September. Juggling away as usual.
Better crack on. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015


Here's a pattern I made out of the doodles I did the other day. 
I'm saying doodles for Dotty Wren Sue. The overuse of the word on instagram is really annoying her at the mo. Personally I find yummy more irritating. Especially when used to describe a colour palette. Or a view. Or a baby. They are NOT yummy. Stop it! 
We have all agreed though that the most annoying of all has to be nom nom. There's just no need!

Friday, 3 July 2015


The other half and the little one are going on a jaunt to London tomorrow. For the weekend. To Minecon. Don't ask. It's a Minecraft convention. The other half is thrilled!
I'll be picking them up from the train station on Sunday night then dropping the big one at school. She's going to French France. Till Thursday.

Me? I'll be staying at home. Thanks for asking.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

june 15

I'm not even gonna say I can't believe it's July. Cos everyone says that. Just like on facebook when they say they can't believe their kid is 'whatever age' already. It's irritating.
But seriously. July. Already!