Monday, 25 February 2013

london weekend

Well apart from the football (we played rubbish, lost 5-0!) we had a brilliant weekend. Wembley was fab! The atmosphere and build up were amazing. The final score not so great ...but hey it's only a game ;-)
On Saturday we shopped, we ate and we saw every landmark in London. The only thing on the little man's list that we didn't see were the mice on the underground tracks. Guess they must've gone for a weekend break in the countryside?
Anyway we're all knackered now....early night for us tonight!

Friday, 22 February 2013

spotted in Sainsbury's

You gotta love those peeps at Sainsbury's. They always take my designs and make them into fab little stories.
They took this...
and made these...
and they took this...
and made these...

Big well done to Lizzie's daughter, Minnie, for spotting them and taking photos whilst browsing the aisles :-)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

we're off to Wembley

The excitement is reaching fever pitch in our house. The other half has supported Bradford City since he was a kid. The second match he went to was the Bradford fire and he's been going ever since. And this weekend they play in the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley!
For those who have no interest in football this basically means that a team in the lowest division of English football have somehow managed to beat the footballing giants of the Premier League and have bagged a place in the final.
What it means for me is....a weekend in London...yay!
The little man is particularly excited 'cos he's been force-fed BCFC by his father and is now their number one fan. He's also never been to London before. The amount of sightseeing he wants to do in the short time we have available is clearly not going to be possible.
The amount of shopping I want to do is even less possible...
But we will try our best.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

hello sunshine

How nice of the sun to put in an appearance today. Especially as it's half term. 

Actually the kids were at my mums most of the day 'cos I was working. But I had five of them from 3 o'clock onwards. Five! 
Always a bonus when you can shove them in the garden and encourage a bit of fresh air I think. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

random characters

For my work this week I have been asked to come up with otters and baboons and pigs and racoons.... (liking the way I made it rhyme eh?)

Er....what's wrong with bunnies and bears all of a sudden?
That's normally all everyone demands. A bunny and a bear please. And make them smiley.
I guess they're so last year now.
Out of favour.
Shove off bunnies and bears, some other randomers are here to take your place.

Friday, 15 February 2013


Interrupting my work this week: cub swimming play...visit to a mosque with Alf's class...meeting about cub assembly...cub presentation night...
I will be working all weekend, and it's all the little man's fault!
...Oh and Valentines day of course...had the night off for that!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


The little one is in the school drama club. This suits me 'cos it's on a Tuesday after school. And Tuesday is swimming day. And they never get back on time from swimming so you have to stand outside for ages in the freezing cold waiting for the bus driver to get his foot down so you can take them home. 
Anyway it's their show tonight. He's only got one line. He's not impressed. We're going to watch him. The big one is getting dropped off from her school so she can join us. She's not impressed either. She doesn't want to see him perform his one liner. She'd rather go home and mooch about on her phone all night. For a change...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Even though the heating is fixed and I have it on ALL day every day it's still flipping freezing and I have to wear my entire wardrobe to keep warm. I'm not kidding. When I get undressed my pile of clothes is like Mount Everest. I had six tops on today! SIX! I'm surprised I can even move! 
Here is a cut out and keep Dress Up Dawn so you get the picture...

Disclaimer: The clothes are just made up. Clearly in real life they are all muted shades of grey and moss with a load of black thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

name that dog

So normally on a Saturday me and my sis and the kids and the dogs go to the park and the kids get muddy and me and my sis play this game where we guess what people's dogs are called. There are zillions of them about so as they come towards us we guess their names. Then the owner shouts it and we see if we were right. Which we never are, of course, because we always guess names like Brenda and Arthur. And no-one calls their dogs Brenda or Arthur any more. They're all called Alfie. Like my kid. 
Anyway. Keeps us entertained while the kids get covered in mud. Laugh a minute me and my sister.