Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tent story

...SO..... Neil wants to move to the Isle of Man.
This is not something new, he's always wanted to, his Mum's from Douglas and he spent every single mingle  holiday there when he was a kid.
But I don't want to move to the Isle of Man.
Yes it's beautiful and I imagine it would be a fab place to live....if my sister and my mum and dad lived there too....but that's never gonna happen so I'm ok where I am ta.
He's gone on about it so much lately that last week I decided we needed to just go on hols there and get it out of his system.
So we looked at renting a cottage....too late...all booked up.
We looked at hotels (well, we looked at the Hilton in Douglas)...but it would be cheaper to go for a month in Spain than it costs for a week there.
I point blank refuse to stay in a manky B&B with flowery sheets and a plastic shower SO we bought a tent! The biggest tent in the tent shop!
We're off camping and we're all dead giddy....gonna book tomorrow....fingers crossed the campsites aren't all booked up 'cos we didn't check before we made the major purchase...

Monday, 30 May 2011

bank holiday

What a fab bank holiday...
Yesterday the mother-in-law had the kids all day and all night!! She took them shopping in Leeds, something she's never done before ...and no doubt won't be doing again any time soon...
Me and the other half went back to bed...then to the Saltaire Arts Trail for culture and Salts Mill for food...even called for a Costa on the way home....and as if this wasn't fab enough I then went to the pub with my mates ...and met up with the other half later on.
Then today we got the little people back and bought a tent!!! A big tent!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

where's summer???

Today our girls went to horsey riding all day and me and my sis and our boys went to Lotherton Hall and had a rather lovely (and rather long) walk in the woods.
But can I just say ...it was bloody freezing and more like November than nearly-June! 
We are on a holiday countdown, 7 weeks on Thursday and counting...

Friday, 27 May 2011

to do? to don't!

Been really into my Autumn/Winter work this week, enjoying it loads.
Unfortunately I have a to do list as long as my arm of crappy jobs I keep putting off....they're gonna catch up with me very soon I'm sure!
Anyway it's the weekend now so I can fool myself they're not there a little bit longer...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm back!

Yay! A very kind stranger advised me to use a different browser to access my blog and here I am! Thanks dude!
(I know...you're thinking how clever I am being able to switch browser at the drop of a hat...I am aren't I!)
Anyway, no thanks to Blogger I'm back woohoo!

In a strop

Here I am STILL on my phone cos I can't log in to Blogger on my computer. I'm really getting in a strop about it now, this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks I've been locked out of my blog....seriously thinking about jumping ships to typepad...
No info whatsoever from Blogger and I'm getting proper p****d off with it :-(

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

blogger playing up AGAIN

I can't access my account from my mac :-( It's doing my head in!
Apparently other people have the same problem :-(
So here I am in the dentist waiting room on my iPhone sending much love to blogger and the dentist in the hope that both outcomes will be good :-)
Can't even add pics on my phone... Why isn't there a blogger app? :-(

Monday, 23 May 2011


The little one went on a Beaver trip to Filey on Saturday. (Seaside again, happy days!)
The big one came on a shopping trip with me.
We bought her more tops and shoes.
When I put the tops away I realised that she already has too many tops.
I also realised I have become a little obsessed with the way I hang her clothes up....
On Sunday we all went to the Industrial Museum in Bradford 'cos the other half wanted to see the Bradford City football exhibition (dull)
Me and the little people looked round the rest of it (As a textile bod I should now gush about how fabulous it is but tbh I've been before and once you've seen one giant weaving machine you've seen them all...worth a visit once though....)

Friday, 20 May 2011


Well all the names went into the sock and the little man was in charge of pulling out a winner....
The little bee buzzes off to live with......Mrs Cheese!
And Alf will no doubt keep asking all night "Who is Mrs Cheese?" like he has done already about 47 times....
Well done Mrs C, email me your address and he'll bee on his way to you!
Everyone else head over to the ric-rac designs blog to win this cute little fella...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

time for a cuppa

Today I decided to finish off the spring/summer bits then clean the house from top to bottom followed by a big tidy-and-sort-out of my studio and a flick through my autumn/winter inspiration.
Clearly I was being over ambitious. I finished the work and hoovered.... and that was it! Not even time for a cuppa tea....
Luckily, I don't like tea.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

new season...

Just a few odds and sods to finish off and spring/summer is done and dusted.
Autumn 2012 here we come.....
Of course I should take the opportunity to clean out my studio and the rest of the house which has become a little messy of late....but the chances of that happening are remote...

ps...don't forget the giveaway...leave a comment here or indeed here...winner announced on Friday x

Monday, 16 May 2011

dino in pumpkin patch

Saw this little dino I sold through my agent on the Pumpkin Patch website today :-)

shadow of my former self

I fiddled around with my blog layout....and now all my pictures have this naff shadow round them....anyone know if I can get rid??? x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

dream come true

The little people slept at my mum and dad's last night and me and the other half went out for an Italian with some pals.
Then today my mum and dad kept the little people and me and the other half did something we've wanted to do for nearly eleven years....we spent the afternoon in bed watching DVDs!!!
How exciting is THAT! :-)

Saturday, 14 May 2011


OMG! The giveaway post came back but all the comments have gone!!! Sorry folks, soo not my fault. Please please frogs knees leave your comment again :-)
leave it on either post....I'll put them all in the sock :-)

Friday, 13 May 2011

school trip

Blogger's been playing up so not only have I not been able to put anything new on here....but my giveaway has vanished!!! The buzzy bee giveaway has buzzed off! I'm hoping it will come back soon....if not I'll have to put it back on again word by word....
Anyway, the school trip was brilliant! Even the little man had fun without me (not as much fun as the lucky kids in my group of course)
We built the biggest, bestest sandcastle on Scarborough beach, ate lots of ice cream and candy floss, rode up the cliff lift without paying and sent postcards home. The best bit was when Mrs Millman explained to the kids where their ankles were and that they weren't allowed to paddle any deeper than that. Fat chance Mrs Millman! Everyone was soaking wet...but no-one drowned so that's a bonus :-)

Thursday, 12 May 2011


The Umbrella Prints competition was won by the fabulous Nova who made all kinds of fab things, well done super Nova!
Thanks to all you kind peeps for voting for me anyway x
All my little creatures have been claimed by various folks...except this one...
So you too could bee a winner....you just have to be a follower of my blog and add a comment here. 
I'll pick a winner out of a hat or an old sock next Friday. (20th May)
small print... it's probably not suitable for babies and small animals who might choke on it or get strangled on the hangy bit...so babies, go find another giveaway xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

school trip

I was very happy to be asked to go on the little man's school trip ....especially since there are only 2 parents going and loads of mums have been told they're not invited! (I am clearly teacher's pet this year)
Anyway the trip is tomorrow.... a seaside visit on a coach to Scarborough where we will visit the lifeboat station, build sand castles, look in rock pools and send a postcard home. All very exciting.....
Exciting that is until this morning when I was told Alf won't be in my group for any of the activities! It's "school policy" (eh? since when?!)
I'm just about to pick the little man up and break the news to him. There will be tears......

Sunday, 8 May 2011

plane spotting!

We went plane spotting today!!! 
It wasn't my idea. 
It certainly wasn't the big one's idea, she was horrified! 
It was the fault of the little man who wanted to go-to-the-airport-to-watch-planes-land.
Anyway Leeds Bradford airport isn't the busiest airport in the world so we sat on a hill and watched a few land. 
Then we went to play in a nearby park.... followed by the chippy!
Much fun!
Off to bed now, I'm a little windswept!

Friday, 6 May 2011

eye test

Had to have my annual contact lens check-up today. 
Well, I used to live in Leeds (like 20 years ago!!!) so my opticians is still in the city center.... this is really not the best idea these days - not only do I now live miles away but you obviously can't go into Leeds without spending copious amounts of cash on new clothes ...AND the car park cost me £10.80 for 2.5 hours... 

vote vote vote!

I know lots of people have voting fatigue after yesterday's local elections and AV referendum... but if any of you kind people are not too bored of the whole X in a box thing could you ever so kindly nip over to Umbrella Prints and vote for my creations?
I am very excited and giddy to have made it to the final 10 especially as there were so many fantastic entries! (Just ignore the other brill things, you only get one vote ...so vote first, look second!)
While you're at it look at the fab Umbrella Prints shop....lovely lovely lovely!
Thanks awfully! x

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Well all that time off of late was bound to catch up with me! I'm now busy juggling work for 4 different people...better stop faffing about on here then and get on with it ...roll on the next bank holiday :-)

butterscotch beige giveaway

Hey folks...wander over to my friend Ellie's fab blog, Butterscotch Beige.....she's having a giveaway!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

early to bed....

Clearly it would be easier to get up on a morning if I went to bed at a decent time on a night....I'm just not very good at it....

Monday, 2 May 2011

back to it....

Seems like we've been on hols for ages...I only worked for 2 days before another fabby long weekend...but...back to it tomorrow. NOT looking forward to the alarm going off in the morning...I'm not a morning person :-(

Sunday, 1 May 2011

look what I made....

....for the Umbrella Prints competition......
Loads of fab stuff been made so no hope of winning but no worries, I enjoyed it lots :-)