Friday, 13 May 2011

school trip

Blogger's been playing up so not only have I not been able to put anything new on here....but my giveaway has vanished!!! The buzzy bee giveaway has buzzed off! I'm hoping it will come back soon....if not I'll have to put it back on again word by word....
Anyway, the school trip was brilliant! Even the little man had fun without me (not as much fun as the lucky kids in my group of course)
We built the biggest, bestest sandcastle on Scarborough beach, ate lots of ice cream and candy floss, rode up the cliff lift without paying and sent postcards home. The best bit was when Mrs Millman explained to the kids where their ankles were and that they weren't allowed to paddle any deeper than that. Fat chance Mrs Millman! Everyone was soaking wet...but no-one drowned so that's a bonus :-)


  1. Pleased to hear that you had a good time...I love friend lives at the top of the cliff where the lift thing is and everytime i have been it has never ever ever worked....and that means a vertical wall of steps !! Glad it was working for you.....and i LOVE the elephant !! x

  2. Sounds like a super-fun day! Woohoo! :-)