Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tent story

...SO..... Neil wants to move to the Isle of Man.
This is not something new, he's always wanted to, his Mum's from Douglas and he spent every single mingle  holiday there when he was a kid.
But I don't want to move to the Isle of Man.
Yes it's beautiful and I imagine it would be a fab place to live....if my sister and my mum and dad lived there too....but that's never gonna happen so I'm ok where I am ta.
He's gone on about it so much lately that last week I decided we needed to just go on hols there and get it out of his system.
So we looked at renting a cottage....too late...all booked up.
We looked at hotels (well, we looked at the Hilton in Douglas)...but it would be cheaper to go for a month in Spain than it costs for a week there.
I point blank refuse to stay in a manky B&B with flowery sheets and a plastic shower SO we bought a tent! The biggest tent in the tent shop!
We're off camping and we're all dead giddy....gonna book tomorrow....fingers crossed the campsites aren't all booked up 'cos we didn't check before we made the major purchase...


  1. Fun adventure coming up! Woohoo! :-)

  2. Oh I used to go to the Isle of Man every year as a wee one. Coming from North Wales, it was like going abroad but without the passport!
    We'd get the (chuck-up) ferry from Llandudno...... happy happy days!

  3. Ha! You probably bumped into Neil...he would've been the one who stamped on your sandcastle :-)