Monday, 23 May 2011


The little one went on a Beaver trip to Filey on Saturday. (Seaside again, happy days!)
The big one came on a shopping trip with me.
We bought her more tops and shoes.
When I put the tops away I realised that she already has too many tops.
I also realised I have become a little obsessed with the way I hang her clothes up....
On Sunday we all went to the Industrial Museum in Bradford 'cos the other half wanted to see the Bradford City football exhibition (dull)
Me and the little people looked round the rest of it (As a textile bod I should now gush about how fabulous it is but tbh I've been before and once you've seen one giant weaving machine you've seen them all...worth a visit once though....)


  1. I want my wardrobe hung in colour order too......
    can you pop over?

  2. I do my wardrobe in the order of the rainbow--learned it from a girlfriend. I guess OCD is contagious! :-)

  3. ha ha, ok mrs C, I'll nip round!
    And I don't hang mine in colour order cos there aren't really any colours in there...just black and grey...I'm a little dull I'm afraid!

  4. oh that sounds like my wardrobe........colours in the SLUDGE spectrum x