Tuesday, 10 May 2011

school trip

I was very happy to be asked to go on the little man's school trip ....especially since there are only 2 parents going and loads of mums have been told they're not invited! (I am clearly teacher's pet this year)
Anyway the trip is tomorrow.... a seaside visit on a coach to Scarborough where we will visit the lifeboat station, build sand castles, look in rock pools and send a postcard home. All very exciting.....
Exciting that is until this morning when I was told Alf won't be in my group for any of the activities! It's "school policy" (eh? since when?!)
I'm just about to pick the little man up and break the news to him. There will be tears......


  1. Oh no thats poo, that doesnt make any sense at all!!! boo nasty teachers!! X

  2. Oh no...that happened to me too...whats all that about ??