Thursday, 30 September 2021

september 2021

Hello long forgotten little blog! I'm back for my monthly report. 

To be honest the grass isn't always greener over on the socials... I have less and less engagement on instagram these days. And I refuse to jump through hoops to beat the ever changing algorithm. Reels get on my bloody nerves. And do not start me off on people who share shitty tiktok videos. Maybe I'll come back here as my main posting place?'s what I was up to in September on the old instagram.... available to license if anyone fancies it... 

Thursday, 2 September 2021

august 21

August was the month of the extreme staycation.

We went to the NorthiestNorth of the country on our WeeScottishRoadTrip. Then we went camping. In an actual tent. With No Electricity!

See instagram for the highlights.

See below for the full month in pattern form.

See below below for the patterns made into tins to keep all your shizz in.