Thursday, 13 September 2012

large family

We walked to school today with a kid from the little one's class. And his family. His Mum has 4 kids. The oldest is 8. The youngest is 3. She has her hands full. She always has a buggy and all these bags and lunch boxes and coats and kids
So I asked her today when the littlest one would start Nursery. 
January, she said.
Oooh, I said...what are you gonna do with all your time?!!
She looked at me. Sighed. And said... "I'm pregnant!"
OMG! She is having child number 5 in January!!
Imagine THAT! 
Two kids stress me out. Five would tip me over the edge.
She is clearly more laid back than me. And much lovelier. And much much more patient... And completely mad!


  1. I can guess who that is!!!! Blimey!!!

  2. there's a crazy lady like that at our school with 5....they are also house parents at a private school nearby so in term time they have about 25 kids to look after...i think they are flipping mental!! She is always writing on facebook about how much she needs wine and how many days and minutes left until the holidays! flipping bloody potty if you ask me....i can only cope with 2!! xxx

  3. Some people might be cut out for having many kids (like my sister in law who has 7!!!!) But I am definitely not!! 2 is quite enough for me thank you!

  4. I can only just cope with my two, we have a family at school who have 8 kids, yes 8 and I am sure she will be on her 9th soon, they are a muslim family but really.................

  5. Omg, that would totally tip me over the edge! x

  6. Wow, I just found your blog today, and I was kind of liking your humor and writings until I got to this post. You are rather offensive. Promise to not return.
    ~A mother of 7

    1. CHILL mother of 7....I don't mean to be offensive...each to his own...if you're happy with 7 kids I'm happy for you...just couldn't cope myself x