Sunday, 2 December 2012

advent 2 and the big switch on

Unfortunately, due to us spending too long in the park today, I had to send the other half and the kids to the annual village ChritmasLightsSwitchOn without me. Someone had to put the roast in the oven and do something with the spuds and that someone was me.
Such a shame I missed it 'cos by all accounts it was as fabulous as usual. The bell ringers pulled out at the last minute so big thanks went to the stand-in Shakin' Stevens tribute act. And unfortunately due to an electrical fault none of the lights will actually be coming on till tomorrow when someone who knows something about these things will be coming out to look at it.
Undeterred they did the big countdown anyway. Some kid pressed the switch. And.....nothing.
I was soooo sorry to have missed it.


  1. Te He must of been funny, funnier then cooking a roast anyway!!

  2. That's fantastic....someone will include that in a sit-com one day!