Monday, 21 January 2013

snow report

Yesterday: 7:30am Woken by AlbertFromNextDoor clearing the snow from his drive. 
Went sledging. Took the dog. The dog wasn't very good at sledging. Preferred a quick game of fetch.
Today: 7am my alarm went off. Texts from both schools saying we are shut. Went back to sleep.
7:30am Woken by BloodyAlbertFromNextDoor clearing his drive AGAIN! He's in his 70's but whenever it snows at least 2cm he's out there shovelling it away. NOISILY. And he always looks at us as if we are total LazyGoodForNothings cos we just leave ours. But you know what? It melts! Life is too short for clearing things that don't need to be cleared. 
We're off sledging again now. I've had to abandon my lovely work plans. But work can wait till tomorrow. We have to sledge before Albert clears all the snow in Yorkshire.


  1. cute pic lovely.....hope you got up to max sledging speed!!! x

  2. Maybe Albert wants to go with a spare teatray?