Tuesday, 26 March 2013

weekend away

We usually have our girly weekend away in January or February. This year we decided to wait till the end of March so it would be a bit warmer.
So that worked out well.... got up Saturday morning to discover we'd had the biggest pile of snow land on West Yorkshire since 1979. Took me 20 minutes to dig my flipping car out. 
We went to Ribby Hall Spa Hotel. It was ace! There was no snow in Lancashire. Not a single flake. Not that it mattered. We just spent the weekend ligged out on comfy sofas, in fluffy robes, stuffing our faces with lovely food and afternoon tea. Very civilised. Alison visited the tester pot of 95 quid anti-ageing serum 4 times a day and came home looking 10 years younger.
We will be going again next year.


  1. oooh just down the road from me...haven't tried it out yet though....could do with looking 10 years younger !! xx

    1. Oh Jayne you could've joined us for afternoon tea! Nicked a handful of serum while you were there.... x