Sunday, 16 March 2014

work work work

Apologies for my absence. (In case anyone noticed. Which I'm sure you all did. How dull was life with no blog post from me?)
(Don't answer...)
I did over 50 hours work this week. And that did not include a single Surtex second. Am I panicking? Er yes, just a bit. 8.5 weeks to go!! No work to show!! **** (insert suitable swear word of your choice)
Anyway I had a bit of a day off today. We went to my fave place, Salts Mill. The other half and the little one always go to the boring cycle shop next door while me and the big one head for the 1853 gallery and art shop. (David Hockney dahlings, fabulous)
Today we wanted to buy some fabbo brush pens. But I didn't have a spare 132 quid so the big one got some Pro Markers and I got some lovely new pens. For drawing and everything. I drew some bunnies in my sketchbook with them. 'Cos that's what you do with new pens when it's only 8.5 weeks to the biggest show of your life.....


  1. Love your work!!. The place Salts Mill looks like pretty.

  2. Dont fret top chick you will pull a blinder out the bag and wow everyone with your amazeballs work for Surtex!

    1. Thinking it better happen soon Jo!!!! :-o

  3. You can't beat the power of the happy bunny! :-) (And you'll have more work than me if that makes you feel better!) :-) xx

  4. Good luck with getting the work done and dusted Dawn! Cute bunnies and thanks for your nice comments on my blog-Good to hear your mum is doing well :0))

  5. i think bunnies are crucial tbh ;)

  6. Dawn, you'll be fab and I'm sure your work will shine. Wish I could go to surtex but it's a long way to fly from Aus. Best of luck.

  7. Cute bunnies! I have a serious pen addiction and I seem to do the same with each new pen, but instead of bunnies, I usually try them out with doodles of birds, flowers and owls. ~ Don't stress about Surtex, you'll do GREAT - I know it! Sometimes our best work comes out while working under pressure ;)