Friday, 18 April 2014

happy easter

I don't think I've ever done so much work in 2 weeks before. And I've done a lot of work in my time! I have literally just WORKED non stop for 2 weeks. I'm trying to get all my commissions out of the way so I can do some work for Surtex....because (as Virgin Atlantic kindly informed me this morning) it is 27 days, 21 hours and 2 minutes till I fly!
So that's it, no more commissions. For the first time ever I am gonna have to say NO. So don't ask. Cos I'm rubbish at saying no! 
But I'll be gutted if I get to NY with no work won't I! I'm on a mission now....4 weeks and counting....
Happy Easter peeps, hope you have some time off x


  1. good luck, go girl....... you'll do it. You deserve a holiday after this.

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