Saturday, 24 May 2014

i'm back!

Well. New york was LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME! We had the best time ever and just laughed our heads off all week! I'll write a full report when I'm not so bloody knackered. 
I've had massive "holiday blues" today. Even though it wasn't actually a holiday and we've never worked so flipping hard like EVER! It was just so fab and now I'm back to reality and rain and a house that hasn't been cleaned properly for 6 months and a bloke who missed me so much he went to the pub last night and watched Champions League Football tonight. 
Me and the Dotty Wrens are ready to run away and be full time Golden Girls in NYC so that we can hear people say "You girls are sooo cute" every day....would anybody notice?


  1. So pleased it all paid off Dawny! sounds like you had a fab time :-) cant wait to hear all about it my lovely! p.s your stand looked AMAZING! x

  2. Hi Dawn
    It really was great to meet you and see your fab booth. Hope to one day to meet up when I travel to England to see my daughter. love to you and all the Wrens. MaryJane

  3. Welcome back - I'm glad you had a FAB time, looking forward to hearing all about it missus S x

  4. I wanna be called cute!!! Sounds amazing..would you be Blanche???