Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I've been at a funeral all day. It was my friend's mum's funeral. She was called Chris but we always called her Hetty. She would've been 90 this year. But she wasn't like a 90 year old. She was really young. When she was about 70 she used to organise trips to Ireland for the old folks. Some of them were younger than her! She was full of life right up to the very end. She wrote her autobiography a couple of years ago and had it published. And only this year she was driving home from the hospital after having blood tests and she passed a garage. She stopped and traded in her car for a new Mini Cooper!
Her book was called "A Life Well Lived" and we should all take a leaf from it! 
Night night Hetty, you'll be missed x


  1. Hetty sounds a marvel. Let's all live life like her. Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Awww...A Life Well Lived....what an inspiration x RIP Hetty xxx Love to you and yours Dawn x

  3. Aw she sounds like one FABULOUS lady - RIP Hetty x

  4. Hello Dawn. Love this post. My girlfriends mom turns 100 in a few days and she still lives at home.
    Here's to all the lovely ladies out there that defy age and just get on with living their life the way they want to. I believe Hetty is a star in the sky. love MaryJane

  5. Love your tribute to her. I have a friend whose Mom is turning 96 or 97 in July. She is still able to live on her own, but just a matter of time. New Car, good for her.