Friday, 25 July 2014

summer time

I love summer. I love warm weather. I'm a pale faced former-ginger who burns without factor 30. But I still love it when it's hot. And it has been flipping hot this week. Even in Yorkshire! I've got loads of work on for loads of people so it's been a bit rubbish having to stay in and slave over the computer. I took it outside today in the hope of catching some rays. I couldn't see a bloody thing. Had to come back in.'s the weekend now so all those officey types will be away from their desks. I am free to wear something unsuitably small and go outdoors to frighten people with my paleness. 
Ha ha as if....I've slapped on the fake tan. I am a bronzed goddess just waiting for a sunny weekend......we better blooming get one....


  1. Hope you have some time this week to enjoy the weather. I have been enjoying it here in sunny California.

  2. Oooh lucky you Jean! It's back to cloud and cold now so that was short lived!! Time I moved to California I think! x