Sunday, 3 August 2014


We have this massive garden. And a distinct lack of interest in gardening. It's not a good combo. I spent 5 hours last weekend just cutting stuff down. It still looks like a jungle. 
But who has the time or the patience for gardening. You chop and prune and get covered in nettle stings and insect bites and it looks good for about 10 minutes...then it all grows back again. Bigger than before.
We need one of those guerilla gardeners to pop by...if anyone knows one...


  1. Shame you are sooooooooo far away... my old man's a gardener and he could sort it out in a jiffy : (

  2. Move Steph! Yorkshire is totally tropical and lovely, you'll love it....your old man will love garden will love it....sorted! :)

    1. Ha ha - we used to live in totally tropical Wakefield but I am a southerner and the pull back to the south was just too great (plus we wanted my mum and dad nearby to be able to babysit ; )

    2. ah....well...I suppose in that case you realise it's not tropical at all and I have no chance :( xx