Sunday, 10 April 2016

home in the sun

I NEED a home in the sun. I don't want to up-sticks and move somewhere warm like on a permanent basis. But I do want somewhere we can just sod off to when the crap weather here depresses me. 
We had such a fab time in Spain last week. We had loads of sunshine. And it was warm. And I didn't have to wear all my clothes on-top-of-each-other-all-at-once like I do here. Even in summer.
I'm thinking at first we can just go in school holidays. Till the kids leave school. Then I'm gonna spend all January and February there. 
I can work anywhere. Most people I work with never want to see me. They won't even notice I'm living it large in EspaƱa. Apart from maybe mid afternoon when I'm having a sneaky siesta and I don't respond immediately to emails.
Cos how hard can it actually be to buy our own casa? We stayed at the in-law's Spanish pad again this time and all the people round there are Brits with a CostaDelGetAway second home.
If the woman from Liverpool with no teeth can do it then so can we. 


  1. You've got me laughing out loud and getting weird looks because of the toothless scouser!

  2. Your mother-in-law has no teeth? Lol I hear you on the heat thingy. Love your cute bunny x

  3. Ha ha no.....not the m-i-l! :o
    The people we met in bars with no teeth were were on the costa property ladder ha ha :)