Saturday, 23 July 2016

been busy...

Doing my little blog/insta pics is my fave thing and I normally make sure I save time for it. It keeps me sane in and amongst the many briefs and urgent deadlines. But for the last couple of weeks there just hasn't been time. I was juggling work for six people this week. I have four big jobs on next week too, so it's not really looking any easier.
Plus of course it's now the school hols and I have the little one chewing my ear off and the big one using me as a general taxi service. 
Meanwhile the weather has suddenly gone all summer on us. My friend, who works part time and doesn't have a bloody clue, emailed me this week and said "It must be really nice to work from home when the weather's like this." Yeah it's ace. I can see the sun from my desk and flies get in when I open the windows. 
Anyways...I'm now on full blown countdown to our hols....3 weeks...can't bloody wait!


  1. Dawn , you always make me laugh ! I know you are super busy but thanks for your blog and great pics -long may they continue !