Tuesday, 9 August 2016

camera kid

It's the little one's birthday while we're away. All he wants is an SLR camera. He's been banging on about it for ever. He's got my old camera, the mother in law's old camera, my mum's friend Valerie's old camera, a GoPro, a camera drone, a little video camera, an old school video recorder and an underwater camera already. But he now needs an SLR. Wouldn't. Shut. Up. About. It.
He said he'd use the hard cash that everyone gave him for his birthday and put it all together to buy one. Well I calculated how much he was gonna get and he was still over £150 short. But still. That's all he wants. And I figure it's better than another bloody XBox or something. So I said he could have one. But of course it's no good on his birthday. He NEEDS it 8 days early so he can use it on holiday.
So yesterday my very patient mum and dad took him camera shopping. To 3 different Yorkshire locations. They got one. It's all charged up and in the new camera bag with the new memory stick ready to go. Result.
Thing is....I don't think he's actually that interested in taking photos. He prefers filming stuff. I suspect he only wanted an SLR because it has lots of bits to fiddle with...

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