Saturday, 12 November 2016

new 'friend'

I've got a new friend. He's a retired bloke who I see on a morning. He lives up the road. He's very lovely. But he's doing my bloody head in. I can't get away from him. I walk the little one to his friend's house then take the dog on a loop round the village and back home. I get to the street that leads to our house at 8.20 am. The exact same time as my new friend arrives back from buying his newspaper. He crosses the road to bore me with his latest tale and doesn't understand my urgency to get away so I can start work. I've started making up 'important meetings' and urgent tasks just to get away. 
I know it's mean. He only wants a chat. But I'm sick of hearing about his family in Castleford and the time he cut his thumb and was off work for 4 months and his trip to Blackpool with his wife. He's one of those people who isn't interested in the slightest in any conversational input from anyone else, just needs to get his own boring story out. And of course he's got all day to talk crap with people who are too polite to run away. He's retired!
I've tried taking longer on my dog walk to miss him but he waits for me. And yesterday when I raced round and got back early he RAN to catch up with me!
I'm seriously thinking about driving to school. Or selling the dog... 
(I'm joking Minnie! Not really! It's a joke!)


  1. OMG we have one of those on our street !! He always smells of really strong bad aftershave too which is gross! We've all taken to being quite rude just to not get caught up chatting with him . We heard he was moving and then it all fell thru ..poor old bugger , but we've got things to do !

  2. You need to schedule a phone call each morning at a similar time and say it's urgent. Or just pretend to be on the phone and mouth "morning" as you go by!! Or say morning! Sorry can't stop got to get to work! (I use that one whenever I bump into my neighbour who doesn't work and has time for yoga AND lunch - imagine!!