Friday, 15 June 2018

buzz off

We have this flowery bush which is so overgrown that when we reverse our cars down the drive we crash into it. Every day. But we can't trim it because there are always a zillion bees on it. They get really pissed off if we interfere with their pollen collection. And we don't want to upset the bees. 
The other day we found a sad looking bee in the house ...on the windowsill. It was exhausted from trying to get out of the window by flying into it. We tried to revive it with the old sugar and water trick. But it didn't work. The bee is sadly deceased. 
As if in revenge for our bee-haviour (see what I did there) last night I was minding my own business in bed.. fast asleep.. in the miiddle of the night.. when I was suddenly rudely awoken. By a bloody bee stinging me on the foot! 
I'll bee glad when it's winter.
(Not really. Everyone knows I bloody hate winter)

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