Saturday, 1 September 2018

fab fab holiday

I'm back from a fabulous two weeks in Hua Hin in Thailand. It was just ace.
The villa was beyond amazing, it was hot, we ate lovely food, we went on trips to the Bridge over the River Quai and to this brill waterpark. We shopped at a fab art market a couple of times, chilled by our pool, drank cocktails, swam after midnight and played dominoes outside every night. We had our own little tuk tuk driver called Mr Man who picked us up whenever we called him.
And we had time. Loads of it. Time to just sit and relax, time to chat to each other, time to argue, time to sleep. A lot. Time to read. Time for the other half to go up a mountain on a bike, time even to play Battleships on the flight home. And most of all I had time to recharge my batteries and contemplate my life and what I want to change about it.
Oh...and time to faff about on procreate of course to try and get to grips with it....

Of course the holiday is all a distant memory now after the 27 hours it took to get home. And I was ready for bed at 6pm last night.
And wide awake at 6am today...
Might be time to book another holiday I reckon....

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