Thursday 23 November 2023


November23 Dawn was so grateful to November22 Dawn for realising that November is a shit month. We booked a holiday to cover most of it.
It was our 25th non-wedding anniversary so to celebrate we flew to Lisbon and got on a big ship to cross the Atlantic. We had a day in Madeira and two in Bermuda en route. We were meant to do two stops in the Azores as well but a massive storm ruled it out. I didn't mind too much, it gave us 6 solid days at sea in between, with very little wifi and as much food and quality cocktails as we could consume! 
We then had 3 nights in New York before flying home. So I'm bloody knackered now.
But November23 Dawn has already made a note to tell Novembe24 Dawn that getting away from the crap weather and annoying Christmas enthusiasts is the way to go at this time of year!

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