Thursday, 16 February 2012


How come when The Other Half goes away he just packs his bag and goes? Happily away on his jollies safe in the knowledge that nothing will change in his absence.
Whereas when I go away I have to write a zillion lists stating exactly what the little people need to be doing and wearing and eating at every given point of the weekend? I have to make sure the fridge is full and the ironing pile is ironed. I have to leave reminders that the Big One needs to be here and the Little One needs to be there.
Then I phone up and discover that he's shipped them off to his Mother's and gone to the pub...but it's not his fault...his mum insisted.
Oh to be a man.
Have a good weekend peeps x


  1. your hilarious!! Have a great w/e away.

  2. We are married to the same man ! x

  3. you are SOOOO right!! have a fun time in the big smoke, I will look forward to hearing ALL about it x

  4. ha ha, that's really made me laugh! I always say I'm going to come back as a feller! as it seems much easier! Have a fab time away:)x