Sunday, 12 October 2014

harvest festi

It was the little one's harvest festival service in church this week. I was volunteered to walk down with the kids. As soon as his teacher says the words "Does anyone have a parent who...." the kid sticks his hand up and volunteers me.
Anyway, this was no ordinary harvest was the LAST harvest festival. Next year the little one will be at high school. No harvest. No volunteering of parents who can walk. No nothing.
I've been going to the school harvest service for 10 years now. Ever since the big one was in Reception. So it was a bit sad that it was the last one like EVER!
After sitting through an hour of a million kids reading a sentence each (which was barely audible and largely DULL) I was feeling pretty glad that it was the last one!
Turned out walking to and from church with the kids was the best bit! Put my name down for Christmas kiddo!

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