Monday, 20 October 2014

weekend visitor

We had a fab weekend with our little visitor. We took her to the park on Saturday and we jumped on fallen down trees in the woods on Sunday. And in between we had every piece of Lego, Playmobil and Sylvanian Families ever invented covering every piece of floor space in every room of the house.
She rejected my Mum and Dad's Sunday roast beef and Yorkshire puds in favour of beans on toast but ate everything else. She slept like a brick and didn't wake up till after 9 both days. Even though she gets up at 6am normally. YES! RESULT!
I'd forgotten what 3 year olds are like. But I remember now... 
They ask a lot of questions. And when you answer they say "Why?". 37 times. They need help getting dressed. It takes an extra 10 minutes to get them in the car. They can't be left alone for 2 minutes. They need to be taken to the loo. And they make a lot of mess.
But they also give the best cuddles. And they know how to have fun. And they do what you tell them without a teenage strop. And everything is an adventure. And they laugh. A LOT.
She was a little cutie. And she cried when she had to go home. So she can defo come again.... when I've recovered from this weekend....

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