Saturday, 20 February 2016


It was half term this week. In sleep terms it started off good. Really good. No alarm clocks just WakeUpWhenYouWakeUp. The kids sleep late these days. The big one would sleep all day given half the chance. So all was good in the land of nod. But then on Thursday me and the other half went to this wedding and didn't go to bed till 2 o'clock. In. The. Morning! And then on Friday night my friend's kids were staying over. Which was ok cos they're 7 and 10 and know how to sleep. But in a last minute plan change the sister-in-law asked us to have our niece as well. She's 3. She doesn't know how to sleep. She knows how to wake up 4 times in the night asking for Mummy. And she knows how to wake up super early full of beans and raring to go.
I am past that stage in my life.
I am exhausted.
I had to have a NanaNap this afternoon. 
That is all.

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