Friday, 25 March 2016

counting sheep

The little one has the most ridiculous Easter hols ever at his new school. He had today off and he has Monday off. But then he goes back to school for the rest of the week. Then he has two weeks off. What's going on there then??! Whose idea was that
Someone who has rubbish ideas, that's who! It is disrupting my normal school holiday lie-in pattern for a kick off.

Anyway. We had the day off today. We went to Sherwood Forest to ride bikes. With my sister and her kids. 
I'll be needing my lie-in tomorrow.


  1. Love your sheep. Here in California, No more Easter mentioned, may offend those not Christian. It is Spring break and all the schools are out at different times. It is Crazy.

  2. Oh no Jean! That's just rubbish! I hate all that pc crap :(
    At least you get sunshine though ;)