Thursday, 3 March 2016

world book day

The illustrator Chris Riddell was on the radio this morning saying how absolutely fabulous he thinks World Book Day is and how marvellous it is to see all these kids dressing up as their favourite book character.
I'm fairly sure from his comments that Chris has never been in charge of bodging an outfit together at 10pm the night before because he completely forgot about it/didn't have time to do it before. I doubt that he has ever had to scour the dressing up box at midnight in the hope of finding something that remotely resembles some random character from a book he's never read. Or had to convince his kid that yes HarryTheCrocoFairyWitch really IS a character from a book.
I realise that there are plenty of parents who love the idea of dressing their little treasures up in a homemade giant Cat in the Hat suit that they've spent weeks assembling. An outfit that gets envious looks from the mums who just dragged out the creased-up Disney Princess outfit. Again. But I'm afraid I never fell into that category. We managed a decent Where's Wally once. In the days before EVERYONE did Where's Wally 'cos actually it's quite easy to rustle up the day before. But apart from that our World Book Day outfits were at best mediocre. And they always involved a lot of stress the night before. And mucho moaning from me.

Anyway. This year both my kids are at high school. They don't do dressing up any more.
So I would just like to say how absolutely fabulous World Book Day is and how marvellous it was to see all those kids dressing up as their favourite book character this morning. Keep up the good work mums :)


  1. Ha ha x Me too ! I was quietly amused looking at all the FB pics of little Harry Potters and Where's Wallys trudging off to school....all that hidden parent stress lol x We are in the realms of High School now....far too cool for that....

  2. Bloody world book day - what a pain but it's the last year for me - yey! I liked the FB post of someone who sent their kids at page 112 and 96 of the Argos catalogue. Their kids were in their uniform holding a toaster and a kettle .....

  3. Ha ha thanks you two! When you look on fb etc you get the impression everyone bloody loves world book day, I thought I was being a right miserable git for being irritated by it! I saw that Argos thing! So funny! xx