Thursday, 13 October 2016

unexpected mini break

The little one and I had an unplanned mini break this weekend. To Bradford Royal Infirmary. 2 nights on the main children's ward and 2 nights on the children's surgical ward. 
So a 2 centre break if you like.

The troubles started on Saturday morning when he was moaning that his stomach hurt. I did what every caring parent would do under the circumstances. I told him to have a poo. 
By 11am, when the pain had moved to his right side and he'd been sick twice it was becoming apparent that it wasn't a general poo problem. I phoned the NHS helpline. They got us an appointment to see a doctor at the hospital. We stayed there for 4 days. And we were one appendix lighter when we came out.

The kids surgical ward is closed on a weekend 'cos they mainly cater for routine ops so we spent the first 2 nights on the general ward. There were a lot of screaming little people there. LOUD screaming little people. All night. I had a lovely little camp bed next to Alf but I didn't sleep much. He slept like a brick.
He had his appendix removed on Sunday morning. He came round, said "You told me it wouldn't hurt any more!" then went back to sleep. I guess I was wrong.
At 7.30 on Monday morning a man in a white uniform appeared at the foot of my camp bed. 
Man in white uniform: "Did anyone tell you that you'd be moving wards today"
Me: "Nope."
MIWU: "Oh. Well you are."
Me: "OK, how long do I have to pack"
MIWU: "I'm here to collect you now"
Well I was still in my pj's with no makeup on and hair like a bush. I had to quickly throw all the belongings we had accumulated over 2 days (a lot) into our bags and run after him while he pushed Alf's bed. In my socks. And pyjamas. Through the hospital. For about 2 miles. Still, as it was Bradford I didn't look any different to anyone else. At least I had teeth.

Anyway, after 2 days on Ward 2 we were deemed fit enough for release and we escaped on Tuesday night. 
I'm telling you, my own bed has never felt so good.
The little one is doing well now. His biggest smile came when they said he had to have 2 weeks off school. It's half term after that. I've never seen him so happy.
He has now taken up residence on the sofa and issues orders to me every 10 minutes. I'm being very caring and lovely. For now.....


  1. Oh Dawn , that sounds poor things, I have experienced those camp beds on the kids wards..they aren't great , you just cant sleep on them and the hospital is so noisy thru the night too isnt it. Bet you looked well glam running thru the wards in your pjs ..ha ha . Glad you're both home now. ..big hugs xx

  2. All the best wishes! I hope he gets well soon and you can rest soon too. :)