Thursday, 6 October 2016

we've got a gardener now you know...

The jungle around our house that we call "the garden" has had an intervention. It was getting out of hand. We bought the house with the biggest garden on the street but we forgot that we don't actually have the time or the inclination to do anything with the damned thing. 
To be honest it's never really warm enough to sit in it anyway. It faces the wrong way. The sun is on the decking on a morning. That's where the BBQ is. But no-one wants to go to a BBQ on a morning do they? And it's cold there at wine o'clock. So we don't even use it for entertaining purposes. It's just been abandoned really.
So.... I have employed the services of a professional. She starts on Tuesday. She's gonna come every week and hack down the overgrowth. Trim the bushes. Tidy the edges. Make it look like a display at the Chelsea Flower Show.
It could take a while...

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