Thursday, 8 November 2018

trapped in the house

JimNextDoor is having his drive done. This means that all week there has been an endless stream of diggers, lorries and massive trucks at the end of our drive, totally blocking us in. Yesterday the youngest needed something he had forgotten dropping off at school. (10 empty envelopes in case you're wondering. That is a whole different story and one I don't have time to tell right now.) There was a flatbed truck and a digger on top of a massive trailer at the end of our drive. I just couldn't face asking the arsey and very bloody grumpy builders to move. AGAIN. So I walked! It's only 1.1 miles each way so it wasn't like running a marathon or anything. But still! 2.2 miles in the pissy wet Yorkshire drizzle was preferable to the palava of getting them to shift.
I have no idea how long this construction work is going to go on for but I'm guessing it could take a while cos the lazy sods seem to spend most of their time sitting in their lorry having a cuppa...yay.

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