Thursday, 17 February 2011

faffing about...

Not making much progress on the old bunny sketchbook I'm afraid. As usual I need an urgent deadline to give me a kick up the backside.
Same story with my work urgent deadlines mean that this week I've spent more time faffing about on the interweb than I have doing any work.
Decided we need to get away at Easter... 
Well, we usually do Centerparcs in April or May so off I went for a nose around their website.... much?! At the prices they think they can charge in school holidays they deserve to be empty.....I mean it's good...but it's not that good! 
So off I went to book a week in Majorca instead... at not very much more money thank you very much!
8 and a half weeks to go...woohooo!!


  1. Oooooh lucky you can't wait !

  2. Majorca, nice my dad lives there!! :)

  3. always good to have a nice break! cute bunny by the way :)

  4. Have a fab time in the sunshine - thanks for following me too!! We both work for the lovely Rory (although I haven't done much work for him lately ssshhhh!) XX