Sunday, 6 February 2011

you are what you eat

Reading about Bev's cancer treatment has made me realise I eat a right load of crap!
She's now on a non cooked vegan diet - which means no chocolate! Ever!
They say you are what you eat and I'm gonna make an effort to cut out the bad stuff. 
So...we ate loads of fruit and veg today.
They also advocate lots of I'm off to bed now....prevention is defo better than a cure....


  1. Good luck with your new plan.... sounds like a great idea. Cute illo too :)

  2. No chocolate EVER....ooooh thats hard !

  3. I love this design and the color palette! Your cheerful art always makes me smile!

    Hm... I'm vegetarian, but I would have a VERY hard time giving up chocolate... I do love my fruits and veggies, though! (I've been going through crates of clementines like it's my job!)

  4. If you are what you eat, then that makes me a roast chicken dinner with many parsnips and peas, this would be my last dinner on earth! YUM! I tried vegetarianism and lasted 6 years; my downfall - roast chicken!!!!! xx