Thursday, 3 February 2011

happy new year again

Happy chinese new year! ...It's the year of the bunny rabbit, yay, my fave!

Glad it's new year again, I can restart my new years resolution....failed miserably last time....
so....tomorrow I start saying no to stuff I don't want to + haven't got time to do...


  1. I hope you don't say No to me - ever!!! Cute bunny, our bunny is ill, had a rough week with him thought he was going to die, vets = very expensive, new hutch for when he recovers = very expensive. Watching him hop round living room this morning - miraculous, oh and pricesless as the advert says!!!!

  2. Hi! it would be great if you started screen printing! They have just announced the spring courses which include weekend course to learn how to screen print with Clare Caulfield, she's the lovely lady that taught me two years ago! call them and book it! you'd love it! :)

  3. thanks for following my blog:) you have such a cute blog here, love the bunny! xxx